Public Spaces Security

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At the CraigparkTM Residents’ Association AGM in May this year a new model for the Public Spaces Security Scheme (PSSv2) was presented. This model moves from a single security provider being tasked with public spaces security to a more inclusive scheme whereby we draw on as many resources as possible.

There has been a lot of confusion around PSS and how it is controlled and implemented. Setting up the PSS was a CRA initiative which was funded via voluntary donation. As with any other voluntary initiative gaining the participation of the majority of the community is close to impossible – current PSS participation is under 25%.

An attempt was made, by the then CRA executive committee, to improve the scheme by signing an agreement ceding control over the PSS to CAP, one of the security providers in the area, for the duration of the agreement. Since then CAP has controlled PSS contracts and payments, not the CRA. Running the PSS this way has proved to be challenging. As a result, CAP have been given 90 days’ notice and PSSv2 will be implemented.

The aim of PSSv2 is to utilise as many of the resources in our area as possible and to facilitate the pooling of information between security providers, organisations and other parties involved in security in our community. Security providers that choose to participate in PSSv2 will be assessed on an ongoing basis, using a publicly available checklist of criteria to rate the services and facilities they provide in our area. Based on this they will be given a rating by the CRA, which will determine our preferred security provider for a set period. By utilising the resources already in our area more effectively, residents in the CRA area will no longer have to pay an additional amount towards the PSS. Residents are free to select the security provider of their choice, taking into consideration the CRA ratings if they choose. The CRA will enter into agreements with participating security providers and funds from this will go into a dedicated security account, controlled by the CRA, which can then be used for other security projects in our area.

We are excited about PSSv2 and implementing an inclusive model that truly embodies the principles of community!

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