Structure of the CRA

The CRA is one of the oldest residents’ associations in Joburg. It was originally formed in 1937 and renamed in the 1970’s. Its current form and constitution were adopted in 2002 and in 2015 Dunkeld West joined the Association. It covers Craighall Park, Craighall and Dunkeld West – the residential streets west of Jan Smuts. Our aim is the betterment of our neighbourhood and community as a whole.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of no more than 15 CRA Members who are voted in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by Members, according to the CRA Constitution. Alternatively, the Members of the Executive Committee can appoint a CRA Member, either to fill a casual vacancy or as an addition to their number if the number of Executive Committee Members is less than 15. At the first Executive Committee meeting after an AGM a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary are selected. For further details see the CRA Constitution.

Elspeth Kempe

Chairperson / Communications (External)

Prof. Bruce Sparks

Vice-Chairperson / Community Needs

Lance Drake


Liz Delmont

Secretary / Town Planning

Caron Askew

Communications (Social Media) / Financial Strategy

John Kempe


Martin Williams

Ward Councillor (non-voting member who serves by virtue of his office as councillor)

Melanie Vogt-Theron

Executive Committee Member

Paulette Malcolm

Community Needs

Volunteers Needed

The executive committee has a number of opportunities for CRA Members interested in being involved their community.

If this could be you, please contact



Deals with liaising with local businesses and business membership. See CRA Membership for further details about business membership or go to U-hub to see a list of local businesses.


This portfolio is divided into two areas:

  • External Communications
    Deals with CRA communication distributions to residents. See CRA Communications for further details.
  • Social Media
    Deals with the mandates and access to the CRA’s social media. See CRA Communications for further details.

Community Needs

Deals with the many different stakeholders, the social needs and sometimes competing interests of all those in our community. For further information about our community go to U-hub.


Deals with local environmental issues, our parks and the maintenance of many of our public spaces, as well as liaising with other interested parties and organisations. For further information about our environment go to U-hub.

Financial Strategy

Deals with longer term financial strategic planning in conjunction with shorter term and monthly budgeting, in conjunction with the Treasurer.


Deals with all infrastructure-related issues, as well as liaising with the various CoJ departments and our local ward councillors. Log in or sign up for assistance with fault escalation in the member pages.


Deals with all security-related issues as well as liaising with other interested parties and organisations. Log in or sign up further information in the member pages.

Town Planning

Deals with all town planning issues – including the monitoring of developments, facilitating objections and heritage applications and approval. Log in or sign up further information in the member pages.

Supporting Structures

The Executive Committee is made up of no more than 15 Members, all of whom are local residents with professional and personal obligations, who volunteer their time and expertise for the betterment of the community. Without support and assistance from other residents, and cooperation from local organisations and interested parties, the amount that can be achieved is limited. The CRA therefore utilises a variety of support structures and currently pays for two maintenance workers and part-time administrative support. See CRA organogram for further details.


Sub-committees deal with ongoing matters in particular spheres. They are comprised of Executive Committee Members who may co-opt onto the sub-committee any two Members of the Association they think fit to be part of the official sub-committee, and form part of a minimum two-person quorum. Sub-committees may draw on expertise and assistance from others, but these others will not form part of the official sub-committee nor have any voting rights within the said committee. See CRA organogram for further details.

Resident Action Groups (RG)

Resident action groups (RGs) are formed to deal with a specific issue. They are made up of concerned residents, who select a coordinator (RGC), who will then work closely with the head of the relevant portfolio to determine a course of action and implement it once given the go ahead by the Executive Committee. Log in or sign up to see active RGs in the member pages.

Affiliated Committees and Organisations

There are a number of committees and organisations both in and around our area that it is vital for the CRA to be involved with and in. As such they form part of the CRA’s support structure, although are not necessarily a direct part of the CRA. See CRA organogram for further details.