CRA Community Needs Project for Covid-19

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The CRA and Local Choice Colony Pharmacy are collaborating with the e’Pap Foundation NPC to support communities in need.

The e’Pap Foundation urgently needs hand sanitizer and masks for their helpers who are distributing food packs in the communities. Sanitary pads, soaps, and other feminine hygiene goods are also desperately needed by women and girls within these communities.


These items can be purchased at SPECIALLY REDUCED PRICES and placed in a bin at the exit to the Local Choice Colony Pharmacy.


The e’Pap Foundation (Reg 2016/440399/08), established 20 years ago, are supplying over 500 packs of food daily, through specific distribution centres to different hungry communities in Gauteng during this period. Each pack, which is tailored to needs and requests, feeds a family for a week.

For further details of the work done by e’Pap go to

As all communities have different nutritional needs, the organisation would prefer to have monetary donations rather than donated food items, as all packs distributed in an area must be identical to prevent discontent. Funds collected are spent on much-needed food items and e’Pap, a fortified maize and soya powder.

The details to make a donation are

e’Pap Foundation NPC 


Acc No: 62836620890

Branch Code: 254005

Ref:  cvrelief

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


If you require assistance during this time, please contact and someone from the Community Needs portfolio will be in touch.