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Craiglands Remedial School is a specialist independent remedial school for assisted learning that was founded in 1998 as a specialized independent facility to assist children with learning impairments on a remedial level. Through our combination of genuine care, deep understanding and years of experience, we are passionate about guiding young people towards reaching their full potential through our dedicated learning remedial school.

We believe our individual assisted learning approach to education is what has allowed us to mainstream so many of our pupils over the last two decades. It is our belief that by focusing on each child’s individual needs, we can find a way to overcome their challenges and help many of them confidently make a successful return to a mainstream environment.

Irmela Turner is the Founder of Craiglands School and Headmistress Lindsay Fisher, and with a full complement of qualified teachers and therapists assist with any remedial requirements. We have one class per grade with a small number of learners per class, to allow for that dedicated attention that every child deserves. Our team of teachers and therapists are committed to finding ways in which to help our learners to navigate their academic journey, through an individualised approach that builds their self-confidence and grows their self-esteem.

Our remedial school caters for Grades 1-7, for children requiring assisted learning. Craiglands Remedial School’s small classes create a nurturing environment for children with learning disorders, where teachers are able to give each child individual attention, addressing their learning impairments, building their confidence and growing their self-esteem.

Craiglands prides itself on innovative and creative opportunities to extend teaching and learning in and outside of the classroom. We follow the required CAPS subjects and hours as closely as possible while allowing room for enrichment in the learner’s daily schooling. We ensure learner-centered teaching is at the realm of each child’s daily experience. Our daily timetables are strategically planned to ensure optimal learning takes place.

Learning about IT is part of modern education policies and we have improvised on the use of technology throughout school.

Craiglands enjoys a long-standing relationship with Craighall Primary School. Our children wear the same uniform and are able to participate in all sport and cultural extramural activities, at Craighall Primary. This affords our learners exposure to the mainstream school environment and an opportunity to develop friendships with their peers at Craighall Primary.

We also value the role that our school dogs play in helping our learners, especially in times of sadness and difficulty and consider them to be an integral part of our extended team. – “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Ghandi

We pride ourselves in the 7 Values of our School: Love, Unity, Perseverance, Honesty, Kindness, Respect and Responsibility. We instill a strong ethos of moral education into our daily teaching by continuing to recognize each value and celebrating them in different ways. Values are caught as much as they are taught. They are why we do what we do and how we do them. I encourage our parents to work with us by modelling these values to your children at home.

“Our efforts, our work and our endeavors as a school revolve around celebrating the individual learner and the achievement of each learner’s potential in their academics, social and emotional development. Our aim is for every child to arrive and leave school with a smile. A happy child learns!” – Lindsay Fisher Headmistress