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Residents of Craighall Park, Dunkeld West and Craighall (the areas which the CRA serves) are eligible for an attractive discount on their homeowners insurance. This offer is available through Momentum Insurance.

Momentum Insure wants to use the power of community to negotiate better:

  • terms
  • rates
  • excess structures
  • and benefits

for each resident while benefiting your community at  the same time.

The Perks

Residents can earn R1000 for every combined policy referred by them in their individual capacity and not through the CRA initiative (after 3 month’s successive premium payments).

Momentum will pay a 6% referral fee to the CRA for all activated combined policies for any lead generated through the community. These proceeds go to improve our neighbourhood.

By being a part of this initiative, you not only benefit the suburb, but you will have a dedicated service consultant who will administer all of your needs. Your annual renewal terms will be negotiated for you on your behalf to ensure that you keep benefitting from the best cover available.

If you would like a quotation, please get in touch with one of the Business Development Consultants below:

Diana Kaisi           +27 11 669 3015 | +27 63 271 5472

Pem Maseko         +27 11 669 3348 | +27 71 169 7492

Please note: You cannot benefit from this option through other Momentum channels. You will need to speak to Diana or Pem above.