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Why recycle?

Did you know? South Africans generate 122 million tonnes of waste per year, and only 10% of this is recycled or recovered for other uses, while 90% is landfilled or dumped illegally.

If you’re still wondering “Why recycle?”, you may not yet realise the challenge we’re facing:

  • Our Country Needs You – Less than 10% of waste in South Africa is recycled.
  • The Environment Needs You – A huge amount of recyclable waste ends up in our rivers and oceans, on our beaches, and in rapidly filling landfills.
  • Our resources are dwindling – Our resources are dwindling as the human population continues to grow (due to hit 9 billion by 2050), crippling the sustainability of the planet and putting extreme pressure on the environment.

What is food waste composting?

Did you know? The management of organic kitchen/household waste is a growing dilemma the world over. Not only can it generate unpleasant odours and attract rats, flies, bugs, and mosquitoes if left unaddressed, it also generates methane as it decomposes, which contributes significantly to global warming!

How can you be part of the solution?

If you want to be part of the solution, you can sign up with the following providers. Increased participation within our area will help us negotiate better rates!

Recycling partners

Whole Earth



Tel: (011) 791- 4537

ECOMonkey Recycling

(011) 4777 7332

Organic Waste Management & Composting

The following service providers collect food waste and provide you with compost in return:

The Compost Kitchen

The Compost Kitchen was developed in 2019 by Himkaar Singh which has an unusual purpose of repairing SA’s soil using compost made from food waste.

Whole Earth



Tel: (011) 791- 4537

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