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Caroline from St. Teresa’s, David from St. David’s, Ben from Craighall Primary, and Chloe, Ty, and Shelby from Kingsmead College had an incredible time this Youth Day as they participated in their first Tennis South Africa (TSA) tournament. The young athletes were divided into age groups and engaged in friendly matches on specially-designed small courts for an exhilarating hour of tennis action. ?

The primary objective of these tournaments to introduce the children to the world of match play. However, more importantly, the event aims to foster a deep love and enjoyment for the game among the young enthusiasts. It was heartwarming to witness the contagious smiles and the pure joy radiating from each participant throughout the tournament.

Under the expert guidance of seasoned coach, Carla Farina from Game Set Match Tennis Academy, and with unwavering support from their families, the budding stars showcased their budding tennis skills with great enthusiasm.

After an intense morning of matches, the tournament concluded with a heartwarming medal ceremony. Claire, David, Ben, Chloe, Ty, and Shelby were each honored with a well-deserved medal, symbolizing their hard work and dedication. The gleaming medals served as tangible reminders of the memorable day spent on the tennis courts and will undoubtedly inspire these young athletes to continue honing their skills and nurturing their love for the game.