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We have embarked on a pothole fixing campaign and we need your help!

As you are aware JRA don’t drive around looking for potholes to fix,but with a reference number and the assistance of Cllr Martin Williams we hope to see some action. John Kempe, the CRA committee member for Infrastructure, is compiling a list of all the potholes and road reinstatements needed in the area. John and Martin need the information, that information needs to come from you please.

With Martin’s assistance this list can then be used to escalate the reports and hopefully help in getting all the road reinstatements done in a particular street / area at the same time thus speeding up the process, but we do need your help.

Please do the following:

1. Log each pothole with JRA via:

You will need the following information:

Full Name

Cell phone number


Nearest house number

Nearest intersection


2. Email all the information above along with the reference number you will receive from the JRA to John Kempe at

Let’s get efficient by getting the JRA out to do multiple reinstatements (fixing of the road where another department have done work on the roads) and repairs in the same area at the same time. After all we all pay our rates and taxes…

Let’s make a difference.