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The air is crisper, and spring is just around the corner. Joburg residents are kick-starting their gardens and pruning their trees ahead of the summer months. But why waste good food when the Joburg Zoo will gladly accept your leafy branches for the animals to snack on?

Their herbivores enjoy leafy and crunchy browse throughout the year, however, zookeepers occasionally struggle to provide foliage for enrichment supposes, especially during the winter months. Animals, like the giraffe, Eland, Bongo, Nyala and elephants particularly enjoy a variety of browse as a source of enrichment, so they can never have too much!

If you are pruning any of the following indigenous trees, please can you assist by giving the fresh branches to them:

  1.  Sickle bush tree
  2.  Tamboti
  3.  Knob Tree
  4.  Bush willow
  5.  Buffalo thorn
  6.  Mulberry
  7.  White stinkwood
  8.  Rhus Lance
  9.  False Olive
  10.  Yellowwood
  11.  Fever tree
  12.  Natal Mahogany
  13.  Weeping boer bean

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