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Hamilton Park, a beloved recreational space in the heart of our community, is being uplifted, thanks to the generosity and civic-mindedness of Hamilton Avenue residents Colin and Helen Flatau. With their recent donation of a substantial pile of bricks and his sponsorship of a pathway, stretching from Hamilton Park all the way to the river, the Flatalis are making a lasting impact on the accessibility and beauty of our neighborhood.

Another resident, David Hamilton-Brown also made a generous contribution, being the sponsorship of a new and improved wooden bridge, facilitating safe passage across the Spruit for pedestrians, runners, cyclists, and their furry companions. This development has not only enhanced connectivity between Parkhurst and Craighall Park but has also created a sense of unity and cohesion within our community. Recognizing the importance of safe and convenient pathways, the Flatalis have now extended his efforts to include the paving of a pathway that will lead residents and visitors alike from Hamilton Park directly to the river. This pathway promises to provide a serene and picturesque journey for nature enthusiasts, families on strolls, and individuals seeking solace amidst the lush greenery of our surroundings.

Flatau and Hamilton-Browns’ philanthropic endeavors have sparked a renewed sense of pride and gratitude within our community. Their dedication to improving the local environment, promoting healthy lifestyles, and fostering connections between neighbors is truly commendable. Through their actions, they exemplify the power of individual initiative and highlights the importance of giving back to the places we call home.

As we anticipate the completion of the pathway and the resulting benefits it will bring, we express our sincere appreciation to Colin and Helen Flatau and Dave Hamilton-Brown for their unwavering commitment to our community’s betterment. Their contributions will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, inspiring future generations to continue building a vibrant and connected neighborhood for years to come.