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The above photo is of the sports fields at St John’s College, Johannesburg. Below is a video of happy people at The Woods, Craighall Park, enjoying the snowfall.


In a surprising turn of weather events, the residents of Craighall Park woke up to a magical sight on 10 July 2023 as the bustling suburb witnessed an unexpected snowfall. This unusual meteorological phenomenon brought joy and excitement to the local community, creating a unique experience.

Street whatsapp groups have been buzzing with videos and photos showcasing the snowflakes. The vibrant energy of Johannesburg, typically associated with wilder temperatures and sunny winter days, took on a new charm as locals embraced the unexpected touch of winter.

Despite the fleeting nature of this remarkable weather event, the memories created in Jo’burg will linger in the hearts of the community for years to come. This unexpected snowfall served as a gentle reminder of nature’s unpredictability, bringing neighbors together and fostering a sense of camaraderie amidst a city renowned for its diverse culture and resilience.

Local resident, Angela, catching the snowflakes